Free Pattern – Love Bugs

One of my goals for this month was to actually create something for Valentine’s Day for the shop. So, I started digging through my Pinterest boards, looking for something cute, quick, and that didn’t involve much yarn. I was on my lunch break and just wanted to see what I could put together. So, I found this cute little guy. This love bug is the perfect Valentine’s Day project. It takes less than an hour to put together, it is a super easy pattern to follow, and it uses a very, very small amount of yarn and fiberfil.

Now, I didn’t use safety eyes, I don’t generally. Plus, I made the antennae a little smaller (ch 6 instead of 9). I also added on 4 more legs…but that’s just to tailor to my own tastes. This little guy is pretty perfect just the way he is!


One thought on “Free Pattern – Love Bugs

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