Free Pattern – Baby Owl Corner to Corner Blanket

I think I have said it a dozen times, but Repeat Crafter Me has to be one of my favorite crochet bloggers. She is so talented and so easy to follow. She had been working on a pattern for Lion Brand for a while, and I loved following her progress on instagram. I was decided that there was no way I could ever do it…a corner to corner blanket just seemed to hard. The stitches looked strange (and my goodness are they simple!) and the entire thing just seemed way too hard for me to take on. But, I got bored after finishing all of my Christmas crafting and decided that I needed to try a new project. How was I to know that I would soon find my new favorite thing ever!? I have taken on the tasking of designing and writing up patterns for about a dozen different c2c blankets that I now plan on doing. I am head over heels in love.

Corner to corner is really very, very simple. You can make a simple, square afghan using any graph you want. Or, you can test your first one out using just one color.


row 1 – Start by chaining 6, DC in the 4th ch from hook, DC in the 5th ch, DC in the 6th chain, turn. (This is called a block…and is one block on the corner of your graph…you are working diagonally – ie…corner to corner – on your graph)

row 2 – Ch 6, DC in 4th, 5th, and 6th ch from hook. Sl st into the ch 3 space of next st, then ch 3 and do 3DC in the same space. Turn.

You just keep repeating row 2. The first ch 6 of each row is what adds a new block…so your afghan should grow by one block each row. When you get to the center, you start decreasing by one block each row…

row 17 – sl st into first 3 stitches, sl stitch into ch 3 space and do a ch3 and 3DC into same space…sl st into next ch3 space, do a ch3 and 3DC in the same space…do this until you get to the last block, then, just sl stitch into the ch3 space and turn.


You will get the hang of it after a row or two. And in the tutorial below, she also links to an awesome video showing how to do this. The video even explains how to make a rectangle instead of a square.


Baby Owl C2Cย Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me


Now, I had some problems with carrying the colors across the eyes. I recommend having two separate skeins of whatever color you use to outline the eye, and of the white. This would have made my life much easier. But, because of the ugly carry I had…I decided to make a simple back to the blanket. So, I just used c2c with the 3 main colors of the blanket and changed colors every 9 rows.

Once my back was done, I used a SC around the edges to sew them together, then I went and HDC around the edges to create a pretty border.


8 thoughts on “Free Pattern – Baby Owl Corner to Corner Blanket

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  3. Hello what a cute blanket I was wondering if you only just crocheted around the edges to get the two peices together? did you stitch anywhere else wondering if that would created a pocket in the blanket.


    • I only crochets around the edges of both blankets to put them together; so it is loose in the middle of you pick up just one part of the blanket in the center. It would be pretty easy to throw a few light stitches in the middle to keep things more together if you wanted. The c2c design hides a lot; so as long as the colors were the same, it probably wouldnโ€™t even be seen!


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