December Wrap Up


December was an okay month. It was about on par with last year. But, I put significantly less effort into December this year. I had a lot going on with the kids and the holidays. 🙂


  • Stuff I need to make
    • 1 toddler sharky blanket
    • 1 purple hat
    • 4 hotpads
    • 1 goat amigurumi
      I am beginning to think I will never finish this 😦


  • Stuff I need to finish
    • 1 special snuggie
      Done! And so awesome!


  • Stuff I need to make good progress on
    • My new amigurumi line
      Not hardly
    • Valentines Day stuff
      That’s alright, I never liked Valentine’s Day anyway…


  • Events I will be attending
    • A winter wonderland (tomorrow!!) in the Redlands, along the parade route. It will be inside Renaissance Hall! 11am-7pm!
      well…you can read all about this disaster scam here

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