Winter Wonderland Scam


I’ve been waiting to post about this “event” for a little while now. I have just been waiting for the PayPal claim to be completed. But, the PayPal claim went through and I have my money back, so I am more comfortable publicly discussing the mistake I made.


I fell for this pretty intricate scam on Facebook. I believe to a couple of groups that try to hook vendors and venues up. Well, over the year, I had seen one lady, Lizzy Cline, posting several events up. So, when she posted in July about a Christmas show that had 7 spots left, I contacted her. After all, she had posted about 2 dozen other events over the last 7 months, so why not. She sent me info about the venue, the show, a contract, everything seemed pretty standard. I googled the show and found records going back 5 years! All of it was via facebook, or a vendor blog, but it seemed legit. There was even another Etsy shop signed up! There were some photos, dates, different venues, all in the same city, all with the same coordinator. Cool beans. So, I sent off my money (luckily through paypal and not a check!), signed my contract, and turned down two other shows because I was booked.


Two weeks before the show, I get a follow up email from the coordinator. She verified the location, the time, and we discussed the contract a little.

The week before the event, I emailed her to clarify set up time. I didn’t hear back…okay, probably busy. The day of the event, we arrive two hours before the event opens, and no one is there…doors are locked. Okay, well, the contract did say we would have at least an hour…so maybe the venue isn’t opening early (opens at 10am normally). Then, another person shows up…a DJ…he was told to be there at 10am as well…well, 10am comes and goes…10:30am comes and goes…I have now emailed and facebooked the coordinator…the venue is still not open. The DJ is angry and on the phone with his boss. No other vendors have shown up.

Well, there had recently been a tragedy in San Bernardino / Redlands…so I thought, maybe it got cancelled and somehow I didn’t get put on the email. So, the venue opens and we go inside to ask about it being cancelled…they inform us they have never heard of this Lizzy Cline or the festival…so yea…I immediately get on PayPal and file a claim, then get back onto my Facebook group and post a warning about her events, especially since she had recently posted a few more!

Best part? After I made my post, several people came forward to say she had scammed them too, and they didn’t think it was okay to publicly share the information in the group, so they just contacted people who they saw comment on her posts privately! Ugh!


So…lesson learned, stop trusting people on Facebook…oh, and if someone does something bad, feel free to rat them out and have them tossed out of your group / site / circle / whatever! Watch each other’s backs!


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