November Wrap Up


November was a good month. I had 15 sales for 17 items, which is great compared to last year. As far as completing the stuff on my list, I did much better than I had though I would. 🙂 And way better than I had been doing.

  • Stuff I need to make
    • 2 child sized hooded wolf cowls
    • 2 adult sized hooded wolf cowls
      • Done~!
    • 1 chicken amigurumi
    • 1 special snuggie
      • I started working on this and am about halfway done.
    • 1 goat amigurumi (before Thanksgiving!)
      • Not even a little bit…I didn’t even have a chance to start this.
  • Stuff I need to finish
    • 2 Christmas tree hats that need lights
      • Nope…
    • Gingerbread dress that needs buttons
      • Done~!
  • Stuff I need to make good progress on
    • Christmas presents!! Eek!
      • Just about done…still need to put together a couple things…but this is mostly done.
    • More stuff for the Christmas craft fair next month
      • Done~! I made several large chunky scarves for this fair.
  • Events I will be attending
    • A holiday boutique in North Tustin.

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