The Good Dinosaur and Disney’s Christmas Fantasy Parade!

Halloween may be my favorite holiday, but Christmas is my favorite time of year. I adore the lights and the colors. And Disneyland is so fantastic during the holiday season. Just look how amazing the castle is!



On Sunday, we had the luxury of attending the DVC’s premiere of The Good Dinosaur. It was so amazing. Bring a box of tissues, because it will have you bawling…but yea. Just amazingly good. And the animation is absolutely unbelievable. Chris and I couldn’t believe it was not real water flowing in some of the scenes.

The premise of the Pixar movie is that this Apatosaurus family has 3 kids…two of them are these awesome specimens that are good at everything…then there is Arlo. He is a coward and a total screw up…antic ensue. Well, Arlo ends up getting washed away in the crazy river and the majority of the movie is about him trying to make it back to his family. He runs into this human child, lovingly named Spot…they have pterodactyls after them, they befriend some T-Rex, and they have to overcome some really crazy weather elements.

This is easily in my top 5 of Disney movies…it was like Lion King meets Land Before Time…just awesome.


After the movie, we headed to Disneyland to catch the Christmas Fantasy parade. I hadn’t seen it before…and I am so, so glad we went…it was really amazing. We also watched Mickey and the Magical Map. Then we headed to California Adventure to catch 5&Dime and the Christmas carolers. Then back home for some cleaning. It was a really awesome day. 🙂







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