North Tustin Boutique

Last Saturday, Nov 7th, I participated in the a small boutique / craft fair in North Tustin, California. It was definitely a different experience from any I had been involved in before. This was done in the coordinators home. There were only a few vendors, and we were all involved in running the show. Some of the ladies did set up, some did tear down. I was a part of the security team (because I am big and scary…grrr!). Some of the ladies ran a central check out, some others were greeters, we even had a lady doing manicures! It was really a neat set up. The entire thing was set up by a fantastic lady who sells vintage and also happens to be a kick ass realtor in Orange County, CA.

Some of the killer items included:

Awesome bows, Christmas ornaments, Santa sacks, and so much more from MiAmor Couture

Great oils, deodorants, and beard oils from Naturally Salvaje

Candles from The Wick Box

Really awesome vintage stuff, from ornaments to furniture, from Bellas Vintage Chic

Quilts, skirts, dresses, aprons, coasters, embroidery and so much more from GiGi

Bows and tutus by Gina

Amazingly delicious cakes and cookies by D’s Old Fashioned Treats

Mickey Ears by Ditzy Ears

Scentsy products by consultant Cathy

OPI products (and manicures!) by consultant Alice of Polish Connect

Gorgeous light up blocks by Vicki Plum. (I don’t have a link for her, but her blocks are in the photo below, so leave a note if you want her contact info!)

Organic soaps and home grown spices by IPashmak

Beautiful wooden signs by Salvaged Sparrow.

I did well at the event, considering it was a first year home boutique. We are hoping next year will turn out even more amazing! And more importantly, I met some absolutely amazing women! (And I apologize if I missed anyone on the list of products!)


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