Our Happy Disney Halloween, Goofy’s Kitchen, Musical Chairs, Pan, and more!

So, I had mentioned in a previous post that I was hoping to be able to whip up a quick Halloween costume for my daughter. Well, I did manage to do something between the few hours I had Friday morning and the few hours early in the morning on Saturday before we had to head out. It was supposed to be a full on candy corn dress. well, I ran out of time, so it became a candy corn jumper. It was also too big. I didn’t have the kid available for sizing, so I grabbed one of her shirts. What I didn’t realize was that I had actually grabbed one of my shirts that she had stolen from me a while back…so I grabbed a shirt that was already too large on her…and sized it to that. So, she had to wear a tank top under it, but it will great for next year, because it will definitely fit.

The highlight, of course, is the fact that I managed to score some Mickey and Minnie Mouse candy corn colored buttons off of a shop on Etsy. They have tons and tons and tons and tons of amazingly cool buttons. So yay! They were a great finishing touch for her outfit, especially considering it was for our morning of Character dining and hanging out at Disneyland.

So, we headed out bright and early (not really…but it was like 9:30am on the first day I should have been able to sleep in for the last 10 weeks!) to the Disneyland hotel to do another character dining. This one was Goofy’s Kitchen. Now, I still stand by that the Surf’s Up breakfast at the Paradise Pier hotel has the best character interaction. This one was better than Ariel’s Grotto, but still didn’t come close to the Surf’s Up. However, this one had some really amazing food. It was a buffet style breakfast, and I am not a huge fan of buffets. But, everything we ate was really quite good, and I was thoroughly impressed with the buffet. So, where it stands for now with character dining…

Surf’s Up has the best character interaction, but the buffet is just so-so

Ariel’s Grotto has really crappy character interaction (but it is the princesses), but the lunch is to die for…and the dessert should be illegal it is so amazing

Goofy’s Kitchen has so-so character interaction, but the buffet is really amazing.

Apparently, my husband was a middle aged man for Halloween. :-: I at least put on a spiderweb skirt for the occasion!

Haley was so excited for this character dining, because Goofy is her favorite of the “original” characters. Dumbo is actually her favorite, but Goofy is a pretty close second. She was ecstatic because Goofy loved her outfit. He kept miming that he was going to eat her and candy corn is tasty. 🙂

After breakfast, we headed over to Disneyland for a couple hours. We had planned on spending 2 hours in the park, riding a couple rides, and heading home. What actually happened was that we walked up just as Alice, Mad Hatter, and Red Queen were getting ready to start musical chairs. So, it had been a really long time since Haley had gotten to do it, and Chris and I had never seen it, so we stopped so Haley could play. She ended up tying to win with another little girl.

So, we were going to go head to a ride and head home…but the Dapper Dans were getting ready to start, and since their Halloween songs and jokes are my favorite, we had to watch. We were fortunate, Haley’s favorite Dan, and favorite cast member, was there that day…actually, the group was my 4 favorites…so it was a pretty perfect end to Halloween for us at the park.

I always get so excited when we see Jon. It is the interactions like this that make it worth the obscene amount of money. All of these guys know Haley, and Jon loves this little girl. He is great to her. And you can see her spirits lift when she sees him. It is always just so cool in my book.

Well, after the Dapper Dans, we  didn’t really have time to do anything else, so we headed home. Haley was spending the trick or treat time of Halloween with her mother, so we needed to get her back home before pick up. We stopped by Cold Stone, had some amazing ice cream, and then turned the kid over. Chris and I hung up our very limited Halloween decorations, and got ready for trick or treaters.

It was devastating. We only got 2 trick or treaters the entire night! And they were by accident! They were looking for my next door neighbor because she is their teacher. So…I have, like, 10lbs of candy to eat now. When Chris was coming back from picking Haley up at her mother’s, he called me to tell me why we had no trick or treaters. We live at the end of a cul de sac, and apparently, we were one of the only houses on the street with the lights on. And, since our street has no street lights…apparently, it looked like murder street looking down the road. So…no trick or treaters for us. Maybe next year we can line the street with Jack O’Lanterns or something and lure the kiddies in. 🙂

After Chris got back with Haley, we headed out to the movies. We went to go see Pan, which was actually really, really good. There was sort of a weird scene…with pirates singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit”…but other than that, it was pretty amazing. I was impressed.

Sunday was a lazy, lazy day. We bummed around the house and did chores…lots of laundry, dishes, yard work, that sort of stuff. I headed out in the evening to get a new tattoo, and that was really it for the weekend. 🙂


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