Batter Up (Pattern Review – Baseball Photo Prop)

–Somehow, I messed up and posted this blog without actually writing anything in here…so, here is an actual blog about this awesome pattern.–

I have a buddy who is obsessed with baseball. He is one of those hardcore spring training type of fans, who can actually discuss players and teams and all that jazz.

So, when he told me he was proposing to his girlfriend, my mind naturally went to, “OHMYGOSHTHEYAREGOINGTOBEMARRIEDANDHAVEBABIESANDBEHAPPYFOREVER” So…I knew I had to start trying to find good baby patterns now, even though I likely have quite some time before they are needed.

I found an adorable pattern for a diaper cover and baseball cap for a newborn.  This pattern was easy to follow, worked up very quickly, and I think turned out great. Now, I didn’t add on the little chevrons on the cap, that isn’t my style, but I think it looks amazing with them as well.

Now, I have a thing about Red Heart yarn, so I substituted the Hobby Lobby Crafter’s Secret for this. Though, with baby clothes, I much prefer to use Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. Though, ideally, I would like to use Lion Brand yarn, but I have a hard time matching the sizing when it come to patterns using the RHSS. 😦

So, it is time to get out there, pick up a hook, and play ball!



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