Halloween at Disney

We have been working on going to all of the character dining locations at Disneyland Resort. We have finished two, have one scheduled for later this month, and then just have 2 or 3 left to go. A few months ago, we did the Surfs Up character dining at the Paradise Pier Hotel. It was awesome. Incredible. Amazing. The food was pretty good. but, the character interactions made it worth the money. Especially Stitch! He was hilarious and photo-bombed everyone, constantly.

A few weekends ago, we did the Ariel’s Grotto lunch at Disney California Adventure. I was not nearly as impressed with this one. The food was excellent. The desserts were some of the best things I have ever eaten. But, the character interactions were really quite lacking. Unlike the other one, this 5 princesses are only available for a very brief moment in time. You meet Ariel as you come in initially, and that is the last you see of her. Then, four other princesses are selected at random. They come in, do an introduction, then walk around to each table…then they leave. They do not come back later, they do not spend more than about  5 minutes at any table. So, my little Sleepy Beauty was having a blast, in the beginning. Then, she sat there bored, waiting for her food…we ate, we left…it was really, really disappointing. So, it is great if you are only at the parks for one day and want to meet several princesses, PLUS eat great food. But, if you can get to the parks more often, it is worth the often <15min wait to just meet the princesses on your own terms.


Halloween time is my favorite at Disneyland. I love the decorations. I love the music. I love the characters costumes. But these guys, these guys right here really make the day. They are Haley’s favorite part of Disney, and one of my favorites. They are a barbershop quartet, and terrible jokesters. Their Halloween jokes are just awful, and the music is some of your favorites from movies like Nightmare Before Christmas. But, it is always a great show, and way too much fun to watch.


We are really sad that this entire area is going away with the expansion and creation of the Star Wars land. We adore the petting zoo. And it is always fun to meet the Toy Story characters.


The kids decided they wanted to go on the spinning tea cups of death…so, I sat down to get some work done on some candy corn Halloween costumes. Which turned out to be a good thing, because that line was MUCH longer than it appeared! Oh, and Dumbo photo-bombed me. 🙂



We hung around to watch the second viewing of the night parade, Paint the Night. It is absolutely breathtaking. I think it is well worth the trip during the 60th anniversary (which is going on until May 2016, I think) just to see this parade. It is so cool.



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