September Wrap Up

Candy CornHalloween Costume

I think that I am quite through with setting monthly goals. I may just fly by the seat of my pants from here on out.

(Goal 1) – 25 online sales. Definitely met. I had 55 sales for 56 items. 25 of those items were candy corn infant costumes.

(Goal 2) – 25 in person sales. Not even a little bit. I had 3 sales for 4 items.

(Goal 3) – Design the sea otter blanket. Hah! Yea right.

(Goal 4) – Design some goats. I did start this…I made it through about 15 stitches…

(Goal 5) – Stock up 5 candy corn costumes for the last minute Halloween rush orders. Not so much…not even a little actually.

(Goal 6) – Start building Christmas inventory… I did make 2 Christmas tree hats. I am quite excited about those.

September was insane for me. Absolutely insane. I have been non-stop making candy corn cocoons. I currently have 9 open orders for these. I am quite sleep deprived and cranky right now. But, I am so thrilled and excited at how well I am doing this Halloween. Hopefully, October continues on in a similar manner. Unfortunately, I spent all of my profits buying dresses…but that is a totally separate problem. See, now October has to do well to make up for all the dresses I bought. 🙂

I am torn, as I am so excited to be doing well, but I am also dying to work on all of these ideas in my head. I guess that is what January is for…


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