Norco Fair


I probably should have posted this update a week ago, but I couldn’t bring myself to.

The Norco Fair was a total disaster for me. I definitely did not reach my goal. And I really did not enjoy myself. I have a slew of complaints about several aspects of it, but in an attempt to maintain some level of professionalism, I will keep those complaints to more personal venues.

The best part was all of the dust. 🙂 Because crochet and dust go splendidly together. So, I am still in the process of washing everything to try and get it a little more dust free.

So, here is to hoping a contact I made comes through about a Christmas festival and another contact comes through about a Halloween festival. 🙂

On the plus side, if you have never seen piglets race, it is amazing and adorable and perfect in every way. And I am devastated to report that I missed the mutton busting (picture two year olds riding sheep), so I will have to go to the fair next year, as an attendee only, so I can watch the adorableness.


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