August Wrap Up


August has been a fantastic month. But, I have found that I have absolutely turned into one of those people. You know, the ones who groan when they get a sale. I know, it is terrible of me. I am so happy, and so thankful for all of the success. I truly, really am. But, I am totally freaking out about the Norco fair. I feel like there is no way I have enough inventory for this festival. I am so worried that I am going to sit there for five days and sell nothing. Or, all of my cute stuff will sell out the first day and the last four will all be scarves and gloves in the 85F weather. I don’t know. I am just OCD and stressed and freaking out. Wooosah.

Anyway, here is the break down by goals for August….

(Goal 1) – 15 sales.

Met! 31 sales for 34 items! Plus, my highest grossing month yet!

(Goal 2) – Complete 2 goats for the festival.

Not even a little bit. Like…not even sort of. I haven’t even had time to start on one of them.

(Goal 3) – Complete 10 owls for the festival.


(Goal 4) – Complete 18 elephants for the festival.

Ugh. Elephants take too long. Seriously…I have 11 done. So…while it is progress, it does not give me the 30 I wanted to have for the festival.

(Goal 5) – Complete 2 horses for the festival.

Donezo. And they are SOOOO cool looking!

(Goal 6) – Complete 2 sets of weights for the festival.

Halfway there. I did complete 1 set of weights.


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