August Goals

The Norco Fair is creeping up on me much, much faster than expected! I feel so unprepared! I will probably not be very pleasant this month, as I have a lot to do and am already way stressed out. But, it is time to buckle down and focus! Then, after the festival, I have some awesome, fun, fantastic, custom projects to work on. Like this sea otter blanket. šŸ™‚

But, enough about the future…let’s talk about this month.

(Goal 1) ā€“Ā 15 sales.

(Goal 2) ā€“ Complete 2 goats for the festival.

(Goal 3) ā€“ Complete 10 owls for the festival. .

(Goal 4) ā€“ Complete 18 elephants for the festival.

(Goal 5) ā€“ Complete 2 horses for the festival.

(Goal 6) ā€“ Complete 2 sets of weights for the festival.

I know, it seems like so much. And it is, but it has to get done. As great as it would be for me, financially, to sell out at the Norco Fair, it would be sort of embarrassing to not have any stock available! I don’t want to have to pull out the last minute winter scarves when it is 100F outside in order to keep my booth from looking bare! I just want to have lots and lots of stuffed animals. I am really excited for this festival and the new booth layout.


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