July Wrap Up – Boy oh Boy!


July was this amazing, incredible, unbelievable month. I actually exceeded my annual sales goal in just July. It was amazing.

I got some good exposure on Facebook when a radio DJ posted a photo of a shark blanket and wanting one. Well, a friend posted a link to mine , and I posted that I also sold the patterns. And it exploded into a 48hr pattern buying spree. It got to be absolutely crazy. I had to turn myย phone onto silent. But, it was exciting and made me feel like a success. Plus, I got an order for F bombs all at once. Always fun to make.

I did not meet all of my goals. I spent a lot of time this month not at home, and not able to work on stuff. Our older daughter went back to her moms for the last couple weeks of the summer and we spent the first two weeks of July running around trying to do everything we could with her before she left. Then, we got back, and we immediately spent the next weekend at Disney, since Chris had some friends in town. So yea, not as much time to work as I had planned on. However, I am on the night shift for the next two weeks, which means less sleep, which means more time to work. Plus, the 8-10 hours of un-interrupted crochet time when everyone else goes to bed over the weekends and I am trying to stay awake. So, things work out in August a little bit better. Which is good, because my goals are way high. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Goal 1) โ€“ย 10 sales. This was definitely met. I bowed out of July with aย record breaking 55 sales, for a total of 60 items!

(Goal 2) โ€“ Finish the mermaid blanket custom order. WHOOOHOOOO! IT IS DONE!

(Goal 3) โ€“ Complete 20 owls for the festival. Done.

(Goal 4) โ€“ Complete 15 elephants for the festival. I suck again. I only got 12 done.

(Goal 5) โ€“ Complete 2 horses for the festival. Well, I technically did make my two…but then they sold…so I don’t have two more for the festival.


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