Feeling Legit

So, I spent some money on some goodies to make me feel a little more legitimate before the Norco fair. I picked up some brand new business cards, from Vistaprint, and they are absolutely awesome. (I also picked up some T-shirts that match! the front has my elephant logo, the back has the photo from the back of my business cards, along with my website.) I liked my old cards, but these are so much better. They definitely draw more attention, they show off what I do, and they look and feel more professional. Plus, these link directly to my website instead of sending people to Etsy. Now, my website redirects to my etsy shop, but that is just a temporary thing. One day, I will have a great big, amazing website and will sell all sorts of amazingness from there. šŸ™‚ One day.

I also did something really cool to help meet my CPSIA and FTC labeling requirements. I had some labels designed for me. Now, I get to go through all of the joy of hand sewing them onto the butts of all of the stuffed animals. But, that’s what it takes to help keep kids safe. So, it shall be done. But, I really do adore these labels. The lady that runs TagtopiaĀ  was so, so helpful, and the labels turned out to look and feel fantastic. I am really excited about this purchase. There is just something about having a label that screams “I am a real business!” It is so exciting!


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