Milestones ~ Yippee!

I had this entire blog written out…then I read it and realized that it came off as rude and angry. And it wasn’t meant to be. I am quite happy…so…now I start over. 🙂

I am really excited about where SweetBabyDesi is heading. If I stand back and take a look at where I was a year ago…when I really buckled down and decided to start trying to make this work, to where I am now, I cannot even believe the amazing progress. This has transformed from something that sat on the wayside, barely clinging to the slightest grip of life, to a growing business. And while I am not even close to being out of the red, I am closer than I was 6 months ago…closer than I was 2 months ago…and things keep getting better. If the business continues on the path that it is heading, I will actually be profitable by this time next year, and that is really exciting.

Poor Chris is ready for that point, I think. He has put up with so much, the organizing and re-organizing (and re-organizing…) of the craft room. Yarn everywhere. Everywhere. Seriously…everywhere. Half finished products all over the house. Me never, ever driving. Me ignoring him and leaving him to die of boredom in lines at Disneyland. Glitter. So much glitter. Cutting tulle, wrapping and boxing up packages. Grumpy, cranky, angry me freaking out about money. So much. He really is the best.

I am so excited to see what else this year brings with it, business-wise. I am excited to see my average monthly income go up each month, even if it is just enough for a tank of gas (which in California is ridiculous, by the way). I am excited to see which products sell well, which do better in person. And it is sad to see which products will probably never sell (as they are often my favorites!) But, with each product, a lesson is learned.

So…thank you to all my past customers. Thank you to my few repeat customers. And thank you to that amazing sailor who bought my 100th item. You guys are amazing…and I bow to you.


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