4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was a tiny, itsy, bitsy bit crazy. Chris and I were both off of work Fri/Sat/Sun, so that was neat and fun. On Thursday, Chris brought both of the girls to work with him for the morning. They went and had lunch at a local outdoor mall, and then Chris went back to work and the girls went to go watch a movie. I picked them up after the movie, and had a fantastic surprise! I had little ducks! (You can read about how I got said ducks here.) So, we took the ducks back to Chris’ work and spent about an hour distracting everyone with 3 day old ducklings.

So, we got home, everyone played with the ducks, the dogs tried to eat the ducks, we had dinner, and everyone crashed.

We got up early the next morning and headed out to Disneyland. We figured that it would be absolutely packed, being that it was a holiday weekend. But, I am guessing everyone was still traveling, because Disney was relatively empty. We sat between 40% and 60% capacity the entire time we were at the park. We did all of our favorite stuff, California Screamin, Soaring, went and rode the updated Peter Pan’s Flight. We even met Donald, and Haley showed him pictures of our baby ducks. Donald was quite excited.

We left the parks about 3pm, headed home, changed, and headed right back out. We went for a sunset horseback ride with Western Trails Riding. Chris, Haley, and I had been before. But, Kaitlynn had not. Now, she did go riding with us in the Bahamas a couple years ago, but it was a little different then. We had a blast. My horse was quite itchy and tried to kill my by dragging us both through some large brush and tree, but I managed to get her out of that mess and back to the trail. Kaitlynn’s horse didn’t like for there to be a gap between him and the next horse, so it took off galloping at one point to catch up. Kaitlynn was not a fan. Chris’ horse hated the word. And Haley rode trusty Amigo, and had the best time. 🙂 After that, it was home, food, showers, and bed!


Saturday was a lazy, lazy, lazy morning. We did nothing. We watched movies, the girls played with the ducks some, Haley and I crocheted, and we just generally sat on the couch. In the evening, we headed out to San Bernardino to watch the 66ers not hit the ball and the Quakes not do anything. Seriously. The game was awful. I think at the end, the 66ers had like 6 hits and 4 runs…the Quakes had like 5 hits and 3 runs. It was terrible. Like 4 people were walked because they got hit with the ball. One guy hit 7 consecutive foul balls. Yea…so, the hotdogs were good. The girls had a good time, we laughed at the terrible pictures of the players up on the big screen. We stayed and watched fireworks, Haley played in the ball toss, we won nothing. Overall, it was different. I have been to a few MLB games, and those are definitely more exciting. But, the fireworks show was pretty awesome. Had nothing on Disneyland, except thousands of less people. 🙂

Sunday was a good day. Haley finished her crochet gift for her cousin. The ducks were looking much healthier. Kaitlynn was getting back into crochet a little bit. Chris was finally relaxing some. That afternoon, I took the girls to my Alfred Angelo appointment. Now, the way they work is all of their stuff (mostly) is made to order custom work. So, they have a few sizes in each style for people to try on and get pinned, to see how it looks and if that is something that works. So, mind you, all of us girls were wearing sizes much too big for us, but this is the overall idea. Kaitlynn tried on her bridesmaid gown. Haley tried on the adult version of her gown because they didn’t have any of the JB sizes there at the store, and Haley really wanted to try on her dress too. We did decide to go with the carnation pink for the bridesmaids, the girls loved it and I think it is a color that will compliment my giant bridal party. Seriously…huge…4 bridesmaids (3 fantastic, long term friends and my older daughter), 2 junior bridesmaids (my younger daughter and my little sister), and 2 flower girls (my best friend’s daughter and my niece). A little crazy! I also got to try on my dress, which is amazing. But, I can’t post pics because Chris reads this blog. So, if you want them, shoot me a message and I will send them to you. But yea…it is so exciting. So, since the dresses take about 6 months to make, we ordered mine that day. We will order Kaitlynn’s in January and order Haley’s in March (so she has the most time to grow as possible!)

All in all, it was a really, really busy and exciting weekend. Lots of running around, and lots of fun. And way too much money spent.


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