Success At Last! (Pattern Review) Lion Brands Owl Blanket

So, if you remember correctly, last month I talked about my most frustrating piece of work. This owl blanket was frogged probably 7 times before I completed it. I have never had to redo my work so many times as I did for this guy. It was driving me absolutely bonkers! I seriously thought I was losing my mind. I could not deal with this disaster.

But, I kept on, and I pulled through. And, while it is a little lopsided, it is done, and I think it is cute. I just pretend that instead of being lopsided, the owl is cocking his head to look at you. Yea, that’s it…he is cocking his head. He isn’t lopsided…you’re the one that is lopsided. šŸ™‚

I used a free pattern from lion brand to complete this owl afghan. Well, sort of. I followed it for the basic guidelines on how to make the increases actually work for the center of the body…and for his feet and beak. But, the eyes, the wings, and the expanded body was all my disaster.

The blanket in the pattern is smaller than this one. This one was designed for an adult as a lap blanket. The pattern is designed for a baby.

The pattern is really quite simple to follow…as long as you read every single word and actually follow it to the T. Seriously…otherwise you frog the blanket like 7 times because “you know better” than the person writing the pattern. šŸ˜¦ This blanket would have taken me about 6-7 hours to complete…if I had actually followed the pattern. But, I didn’t…so it took about 20 instead.

Either way, he is done, he is here…and I am contemplating never, ever, ever making another one. It isn’t that it isn’t cute, or that the pattern is difficult…I am just scarred for life, I think, at all the frogging.

PS…does anyone know why it is called frogging?


3 thoughts on “Success At Last! (Pattern Review) Lion Brands Owl Blanket

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