So, for those who are not aware, Chris and I live on a decent amount of land. We have about 0.62 acres and we are slowly expanding our farm. When we moved in to the house, we had 2 dogs, a shiba and an English mastiff. A few months ago, we bought 2 kids, Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Well, everyone at work knows about our dogs and kids…so, when some ducklings needed rescuing, they turned to me.

These poor baby ducks were rescued from a Vietnamese restaurant. Let’s see if you can keep up with this…a guy I work with, Lou, his son rescued these ducks to impress this girl who works at the restaurant. 🙂 Apparently, they had a bunch of duck eggs that they were preparing for baloot (a dish that is made from a partially formed chicken or duck while still in the egg…) Well, they thought these four eggs looked weird, so they set them to the side..an hour or so later, they started to hatch. Well, this girl called Lou’s son all upset because they were just going to chuck these ducklings outside and let them fend for themselves. So, Lou’s son went and rescued these ducks, and brought them back to dad’s. Dad was not thrilled about this. So, Lou asked me on Tuesday (6/31) if I could take these day old ducklings because they were dirty and he didn’t know how to care for them and he was pretty sure that they were going to die if they stayed with him…so, being the sap that I am, I took the ducks, despite hating birds.

So, I picked them up after work on Thursday (7/2) and we took them home. Below is the cycle of these birds as we had them…the top two pictures are from Thursday afternoon…they still had amniotic fluid on them…they were itchy, they were malnourished (Lou really did his best, he just had no idea how to care for ducks, but he really did try), and they had almost drown. The left one is from when I picked them up. The right one is from after I got them home and they savagely attacked the food I put out for them.

The middle two pictures are from Friday morning. We didn’t give them a bath, because we were worried about their health, but we did hold them and wipe them down some with a warm wash cloth. They had some duckling starter feed in them, and they were still looking pretty rough, but more like they would pull through.

The bottom left is from Saturday morning. It was their first bath, in the sink. They were so scared at first, but they did calm down and a couple of them picked up their legs a couple times and started to swim. They cleaned themselves a whole bunch and mucked up the water. That night, we changed their water in their “condo” (we moved them from the box to a big, clear, plastic storage bin) like 5 times because they kept bathing in it.

Well, the bathing helped, a lot…because the bottom right is from Sunday morning. They were looking yellow, fluffy, and super sweet. they were starting to actually look like little ducks instead of half drown rats.

The below picture is from their bath on Tuesday night. Now they are in the tub because they are too big to all be in the sink, and they like to be together. Each day we have been filling it with more and more water, and they are doing a great job. They are swimming more and not getting as tired or cold as quickly.

Excuse all of the poop…but this one is from Wednesday (7/8). I took this right before their bath, and by I took this, I mean, Chris took this and sent it to me. Our ducks are ridiculous. One is always asleep in the food dish…then, when another one wants to eat, they climb in and peck the sleeping duck on the head until it wakes up…then all of them eat (and poop) like crazy. They are getting so big…they are almost too big for their condo. During their bath last night, they were darting around the tub, diving under each other, racing, and just playing. They were splashing and having a blast.

We have named them all…though they are hard to tell apart right now. But, the biggest one is officially named Quackers, but I call him Red Leader, as all of the other ducks follow him around. The brightest yellow one is called Waddles. The yellow one with a funny spot on his face when he is wet is called Ilene (we are hoping he turns out to be a her…) because she is always kicking one leg like she is swimming…seriously…standing, she leans to a side, kicks a leg, and just does that for hours…and the little one that is so much lighter and doesn’t have nearly as much down…well, his name is Raggedy. 🙂


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