A Horse is a Horse is a Horse of Course

It seems like all of my projects frustrate me. I really enjoy what I am making, things are turning out beautifully, but it is like, my life is so stressful and aggravating right now that I feel like I am taking it out on my crochet.

So, I found this fantastic pattern for a unicorn while searching for horse patterns. It is amazing how few horse patterns there are. Well, I instantly fell in love with this lady’s unicorn, and knew that I had to make one. So, I got to work. This pattern is really simple, easy to work up.

Apparently, the problem lies in sewing the limbs on. I finished sewing the frontΒ legs and realized just how wonky my poor horsey looked. It was like watching Bambi try to walk. I was so frustrated and angry, I actually cried and considered just chucking the thing in my box of half finished products. But, after taking a few deep breaths, I realized how close to done she was and how stupid that would be. So, instead of freaking out, I decided to make the back legs, attach them so that I had a good view of where they should go, then remove the front legs and re-attach them.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. After I put the hind legs on, I looked at my wonky girl again and realized that she was awesome looking. The funky legs gave her a unique, fun, silly look. I mean, she is a pink and white horse for goodness sake! Who can take that seriously? Oh, and my glorious friend Stacey told me to stop acting crazy…which actually helped, a lot.

So, I stayed up way, way, way past my bedtime last night to finish her…and here she is! You can totally buy her here. (Don’t mind the crappy photos, I just had to get something up there! I promise, I am taking product photos this weekend!)

Oh, and my daughter named her…Miss Meredith. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “A Horse is a Horse is a Horse of Course

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