Complete and Devastating Failure

As promised, a story of total failure. It actually happens a lot, I just get way too frustrated normally to talk about it.

I have been working on this owl blanket for about a week…and so far, I am not even as far done as I am in the below photo. I have taken this blanket apart (frogged) 4 separate times. No matter what I do, I cannot make it look like an owl. I have tried my own design, and after 1 total frogging, I switched to a pattern, that I know works. I have seen too many results to worry about the pattern being incorrect…and 3 froggings later…I am still here..just as angry and frustrated as the first time. For some reason, I keep dropping stitches, which is ridiculous considering I am using a simple double crochet in a round! Ugh!! Right now, I just discovered that somehow, in the last two rounds, I have dropped 3 stitches…so now I am taking those two rounds apart to figure out how in earth that happened! I am about 1 frogging away from giving up totally…and if this wasn’t for a customer, the profane side of me would have gotten the better of me and this yarn would be set on fire in the backyard.

On the plus side, I am using the newer version of Lion Brand’s Hometown USA. My ridiculous elephant was made using Hometown USA, but it was an older version, and not nearly this soft! I can hardly believe that this yarn is acrylic! It is really, really soft and supple, and a joy to hold and work with. It is just this owl that I despise. I knew there was a reason I have always hated birds.


3 thoughts on “Complete and Devastating Failure

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