June Goals


June has already been a really crazy month. I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been accepted into the Norco Fair to vend this upcoming Labor Day weekend. It is a 5 day event, and I feel as though I may have a heart attack! I have had to adjust my goals from the initial plan because I had met them in the first 4 days! So, here we go!

(Goal 1) – 10 sales. Last month left me absolutely astounded with how amazing it was. And as of today, I am already 6 sales into the month, so let’s make a push for those other four!

(Goal 2) – Finish the mermaid blanket custom order.

(Goal 3) – Finish the owl blanket custom order.

(Goal 4) – Complete 10 elephants for the festival.

(Goal 5) – Complete 2 horses for the festival.

Overall, things are a little crazy right now. But, I prefer life to be a little bit crazy. It keeps me busy, and keeps me happy. So, here’s to hoping that the next few months are as productive as last month was!


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