Sometimes You Just Suck

My product is very diverse. More diverse than it really should be. I have A LOT of scarves, hats, gloves for women, then I have all of my baby and children products. They don’t really go well together. And my children products sell well. My stuffed animals, photo props, stuff like that, it sells well. My adult items, not so much. So, my lesson learned is that I will focus more on my children’s items. My adult items will stick in the shop until sold, will hang around at craft fairs in case I need space fillers or I end up at a show that is a lot of not so much with the children people. But, I have realized that my focus needs to shift.

The hardest thing to do as a seller is to look at your product and honestly determine if it is something people will buy. Just because your mom or aunt think your knitting is fantastic does not mean it is actually fantastic. I know that some of my products just plain sucked. So, I pulled them. They now adorn a box in the closet.

If you have truly done all you can with SEO, you are getting 5,000 views a day every day…your pictures are amazing…your policies are great…then maybe it is time to re-evalute your product. At this point, you are either charging too much or you are not making a product people want. Now, maybe your price is high because it is a valuable piece of artwork and all 5,000 views have favored it and told you how they just dream of owning it one day, but cannot afford it yet. That, obviously, puts you in a different market…but if those 5,000 views are people laughing at your poorly blocked, non-proportional sweater…well, maybe you need some practice.

Just because you learned to engrave, wire wrap, crochet, sew, whatever last week, does not mean your products are up to par for sales. I love my daughter dearly. She can “crochet”. She has even made a stuffed owl. And it was cute…because she is my kid and I helped her and watched her make it. She has been working on the world’s longest blanket for almost two years now…and it is all over the place with tension, it has changed dimensions a few time because she cannot keep count…but I love that blanket. It is beautiful and sweet. But, when she talks about selling the stuff she makes, I do the right thing and tell her she needs to keep practicing. She will get better, and will get to the point where her stuff is gorgeous and will sell…but that point is not right now. And I do not need 5,000 views of people laughing at her misshapen blanket or way too loose owl with stuffing falling out. It would hurt her feelings.

So, what no one ever says in the forums…check your SEO, check your prices, check your photos, check your policies…and check to see if you really just need more practice.

-By the way, I am not even close to a crochet goddess…I am just really good at giving impartial third party opinions, even on my own stuff…One day, I will write a blog full of crochet fails…I just never take pictures of it because I do not want that sort of negativity in my life.-


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Suck

  1. Very true! Evaluating what does and doesn’t work is an important part of business, even if it means ditching some fun things. I’m constantly trying to think up new products and adjust my shop according to what seems to connect well with buyers.

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    • I think that is the hardest part of running a business. It is really hard to step back and to, you know what? My three legged dog just is ugly. Maybe it has been for sale for 29 months because it is ugly and no one wants a poorly crocheted three legged dog.


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