Let’s Blame Etsy

Pardon my rant, but I am not allowed to vent on Etsy, so here we go. And this will being a series of Etsy and shop rants…by the way.

I spend a lot of time on the forums. I try to answer questions, give advice, and pick up a lot of advice. I have not had to ask too many questions, because I have this amazing ability to read. I know how a forum works, so I look through topics. I have learned about SEO, cases, USPS, seller protection, buyer protection, tons and tons of things just by reading other people’s questions.

So, here is the post that makes me so angry.

“Views are Down” or “Views are Low” or “Etsy, Why Did You Turn Off My Shop!”

At any given point in time, there are at least 5 threads on the front page of the forum sections with one of those titles, or something very similar to it. And, at any given point, there are dozens of people responding to give advice on how to improve their shop. And what does the original poster do? They either never look at the thread again, or they get mean, rude, angry, and defensive because it is “not my fault my views are low, it is etsy’s.”

People love to complain. Whether it is about Etsy not changing something that is “absolutely essential” to running their shop, or because Etsy did change something! Etsy cannot win.

No one likes the search tests or changes. But, if you look at the posters SEO on their listings, it is basically non-existent. Of course no one is finding you on search. Your tags are “red”, “dress”, “pretty.” Of course no one can find you, because there are 258934275804 red items on Etsy. And who the heck types “red” into the search bar and leaves it at that? Who types “pretty”? Ugh! Take some of the metric buttloads of advice that is already on the forums, or the very specific shop advice you are being given in your thread, and MAKE SOME CHANGES. Put forth some effort. Try.

No one likes the category changes. But, if you ask the poster how many of their views came from browse before the changes, their answer is almost always “none” or “only a few a month” or there is no answer at all. That is because people don’t use Browse anymore. People tend to shop in a way that is going to find them what they want, by searching for what they are looking for!

No one liked the new listing manager when it was released…oh, until two months later when you were forced to use it and you realize it is 100 times faster than the old manager.

Sales, retail, business is about change. It is about the ebb and flow of time, style, fads, and technology. If you are so set in your ways that you are not willing to change, then you are destined to fail.

Etsy did not turn your shop off. Etsy does not care who is getting sales, because all sales mean more money for them. They have zero incentive, as a business, to make it so people cannot find your shop. They want everyone to be successful, why? Because 3.5% of lots and lots of successful people is a WHOLE LOT more money than 3.5% of just a few successful people. It is not Etsy’s fault that your photography sucks, or you have put 5 minutes into thinking up your tags, or you decide to beat WalMart prices and even when you do sell, you lose money. Etsy is simply a selling platform. They put out the information you need to be successful. You actually have to take that information and do something with it though, they will not, and should not, do it for you. Business is hard. It is work. There is no CEO or business owner out there that hasn’t done MORE than their fair share of busting their backends for little to no results and feel like quitting or like they are total failures. It is part of running and owning a business. But, with the dedication, work, and effort, you can be successful. You just have to keep working. Business is not about overnight success. Most new business fail in the first 5 ears. There is a reason. It is easy to work really hard when it is new and exciting. It is not so easy to continue to put in that level of dedication for years on end.

So, either motivate yourself to succeed, or walk away…but crying in the forums about how it isn’t fair, will do you no good.


One thought on “Let’s Blame Etsy

  1. Love This!!!
    If people spent 1/100th of the time working on their shops that they do blaming others and complaining they might actually get some sales…
    Yes there are re-sellers on etsy, no etsy doesn’t care, its a business they are there to make money. If you can’t be bothered to put in the work you will fail, Just like everything in life, you get out of it what you put in. If you have alot of views and no sales, then maybe you should be looking at your photos, description, prices, and the quality of your work. No one is going to buy something if it doesn’t speak to them, or is of low quality.

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