Baby Wigs (Pattern Review)

So, I have this ridiculously crazy friend that keeps hiring me to make stuff for her and her friends. And, I am so thankful for that, because I need and appreciate the regular patronage. And, it makes me feel fantastic knowing that someone I know well respects my work enough to come to me for their gifts.

So, she came to me with a photo of this absolutely adorable Cabbage Patch baby hat. Seriously. It is the cutest thing ever. She wanted two, one in blonde, one in brunette. So, I discovered the joy that was the loop stitch and made a few hats.

I started by looking at this pattern on repeat crafter me. I really love her patterns and her tutorials. But, I make my hats a little differently…so, after discovering this amazing method of making crochet look furry or fuzzy, I went through my same basic hat pattern that I normally would.

What I didn’t know, and what you should totally check out, is how amazing a loop stitch is. Seriously…I am going to make dogs, bears, alpacas, sheep, all sorts of stuff out of this stitch. It is SOOOOO simple, and the pattern she wrote up has an awesome tutorial to help you, if you struggle to learn new things like I do.

I definitely plan on making more of these. I have just lost all my time in life working on other stuff for this festival. But yea, isn’t it cute? And now I have learned this wickedly awesome loop stitch. And it shall be my happy place.





Blonde Pigtail Wig


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