Pattern Review – Lion Brand Graduation Bear

edit – 5/8/2015 –

So, when going through my blog, I realized that I posted a review on this twice. Oopsies!


I am a total Lion Brand girl. I love their yarn. I love their patterns. I love their website as a whole. My craft room is just overflowing with Lion Brand yarns.

Now, having said that, I am a total sucker for Hobby Lobby brand Crafter’s Secret and I Love This Yarn when it comes to stuffed animals and baby photoprops.

But, blankets, clothes, scarves, gloves, that is all lion brand.

So, last year, I was bumming around trying to figure out what to make, when a friend mentioned her little sister was graduating from college. So, I had to make a teddy bear. I saw tons of great patterns on pinterest., but none were quite what I was looking for. So, I turned to my Lion Brand pattern app on my phone, and I found 3 killer graduation patterns. An owl, a teddy bear, and a bookworm. I love them all, but the teddy bear seemed to be the way to go.

This pattern works up really, really easily. And, because of the individual pieces, you can turn this bear into an anything bear. You can give him a baseball cap instead of a grad cap, or two ears instead, or long, flowing locks. This is a really, really simple pattern for learning the basics of making a teddy bear. This pattern is rated at easy, level 2. This is because of the sewing of all the limbs, hat, diploma, everything like that, and the facial embroidery.

Now, I do not use safety eyes or buttons on my stuffed animals. They scratch skin and can snag on things, fall off, and be a choking hazard for kids. So, I am embroider all of my faces. And really, I am getting worse as time goes on, not better. But, I am pretty proud of this guy’s face. I think it turned out well.

I also changed my tassel some, as I did not like the look of the frayed one. I just made a short chain, and tied it to the mortar board before attaching the board to the hat.







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