Broadening Horizons

So, while at the International Festival this past weekend, I received several inquiries about lessons and if I teach classes. I had several inquiries about Youtube and tutorials. And truthfully, it is something I had never really given much thought to. I love to crochet. It is relaxing to me. It is stress relieving. It is something that makes me feel worthwhile and talented. But, it isn’t something that I think you need a particular talent for. It is something I have practiced, and practiced, and practiced. It is something I have worked hard at. It is something that I feel anyone with opposable thumbs can learn to do, and do well, if you have the patience and dedication. It isn’t something like singing, or painting, where you have to have a raw talent. No matter how much I practice, my art never gets better than goofy looking stick figures. So, I stick to yarn. It is math and physics. Maintain the same amount of tension and count your stitches. If you can do those two things, you can accomplish anything in crochet.

Chris and I talked about it some, about if I should venture into the tutorial world. It is hard for me to think about, because I look at all the amazing bloggers and vbloggers with their tutorials and awesome videos. And I think, who is going to take me seriously with great sites like Moogly out there. I mean, I have to turn to these blogs sometimes to perfect my own work, my own stitches.

But, it doesn’t hurt to try. And in the end, if it turns out to be wasted time, well, then that is all it is. I mean, if no one watches, it can’t be embarrassing because no one will know. And, if everyone watches and laughs at me, well, at least they are watching. 🙂

So, it is with great anxiety that I announce that my next venture will be some tutorials for basic stitches. I will start with written and photo tutorials, and once I figure out how to use YouTube, I will venture into that as well.


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