May Goals

So, April is done and was awesome. And now it is on to May. May is going to be a little more aggressive than April was. Why? Because I have learned that I can handle it. I can be awesome. I can be fantastic. And I am engaged to the greatest man in the entire world. I cannot begin to thank him for cooking dinner and keeping the house livable while I was freaking out this last month. Amazing. Oh, and because it is May 1st and I am already killing it. 🙂

I am actually writing this in advance and scheduling it, I am trying to do that with most of my blog posts, because today is my Soka University International Festival! I am hoping that tomorrow will have a killer blog with awesome photos telling you how amazing it was!

So, for May…here we go.

(Goal 1) – 15 sales. Yup. Now, this includes my in person sales, and since before this even posted, I have gotten 3 today, this might be doable. But 15. Let’s do this!

(Goal 2) – Develop a plan for the big festival in September.

(Goal 3) – Apply for the big festival in September and start praying to get accepted.

(Goal 4) – 200 likes on Facebook (You can help with this goal!)

(Goal 5) – 300 followers on Instagram (You can help with this goal!)

(Goal 6) – Relax and enjoy my vacation. This will probably be the most difficult one to accomplish.

I am super excited for how things are turning around. I am thrilled that things are moving, getting off the ground, and that maybe, just maybe, this might actually happen! The goal is to be able to quit my job and do this full time by April 2018. So…yea…we shall see.


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