April Wrap Up

April was an utterly amazing month for me. I surpassed my goals and did some really amazing things.

(Goal 1) – 4 sales this month

Met! I actually had 11 sales this month, one that was 2 items! Including an older stock winter item!

(Goal 2) Finish the super secret project for the craft fair

So met! AND, I cannot wait to blog about this and show you all of the photos and talk about how excruciating this was! Now, if you follow me on instagram or facebook , then you have already seen this project and know just how time consuming it was…and yet, totally awesome!

(Goal 3) Practice setting up and organizing, and PHOTOGRAPH, craft fair booth

Met! This was totally awesome too. I do have a plan to do a full on blog about the craft fair too, once it is done and over with!

April was really awesome for a ton of reasons, one of which being the 2 custom orders I completed and the 2 other ones that came my way by the same buyer from the first custom order. I am really excited to work on these blankets she wants after the festival. I started one, and while it seemed so complicated, it turned out to be much easier than I thought. The problem will be the 350 ends I have to weave in afterward. 😦 But, it will be awesome. And I will write a killer blog reviewing the pattern.


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