Ahh This Month

This month has left precious little time for writing.

I am in full flail-freak out mode about my festival on May 2nd. I don’t think I will ever feel prepared. I feel like I don’t have enough stuff, enough toys, enough clothes. I am so worried that there is no way I will sell anything, like, what if everyone hates what I make? Or thinks it is too expensive? Or what if they ask me questions and I flail like the anti-social loser I am and scare them away? Why can’t this all be done over the internet…oh, because people want to hold and touch things.

On the plus side, my etsy shop is doing well this month. Met my goal of 4 sales, and am even at 5, and I still have 2 weeks to go. So, for the year, I am at 15 sales on the 16th week…so I am doing pretty alright.

Here is to hoping that the Soka University International Festival completely blows me away. I will be at booth 814, right in the center of Adventureland (the kid’s zone) for anyone interested in attending. At least come give me a hug and tell me you suffer through my blog.

I am applying for a major festival in September…seriously…major…like…5 days. I am already starting to sweat just thinking about it. But, it is free, because I am a veteran and my town rocks when it comes to doing things for veterans. So, my booth fee is waived. I just have to pay the application fee. So…I am going to try…and hope…and I will be ready…and feel like I am not…but I am going to do this…dive in head first and hope the pool is deeper than I think it is.


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