Flippin Your Fins…

I have been ridiculously sick since last Friday. I was running a fever off and on until Tuesday evening. I even missed work Monday, and I rarely miss work. I am feeling a lot better now, but still congested, so headaches and some trouble breathing easily. But, it shall pass.

Chris and I are headed to Las Vegas (where I am from) this weekend. It is my best friend’s (the mother of the adorable blonde toddler who models my stuff all the time) birthday, and they will be home. I am glad because they moved a couple years ago, so we rarely see them. It has been a year since we last saw each other, and I haven’t even met her baby boy yet. So, that should be exciting and fun.

Our goats, did I mention we have goats now instead of just goat, are growing up entirely too fast. Clyve is nearly weaned and Mikey is getting ready to drop down to just 2 bottles a day. They love each other, and the dogs, so much. They snuggle when they sleep, and they cuddle Akai. Missy, well, they try to love on her, but she is not feeling it. She thinks they look tasty. I am hoping that will pass.

So, a while back, I mentioned a project that I was working on that would result in a new pattern in the shop. Well, I finally got my computer fixed, and our internet fixed, and was able to get to some photo editing. So, here is the completed project. It is for sale, and I even managed to score some more of the yarn to make two more if need be! The pattern will be up in a few days, as I still need to quality check it before getting it all listed.

Have I mentioned that I love Disney? All things Disney. Mickey, princesses, Pluto, villains, princes, fairy tales, romance, mystery, all of it! Well, growing up as a redhead, I always envisioned myself as Ariel. Now, Belle has always been, and will always be, my favorite princess. But, Ariel is a fellow redhead that has a thing for the ocean, and the shore. But, there are SO many Ariel dresses, photo props, dolls, nightgowns, shirts, and blahblahblah out there because she is a Disney princess. Well, what about the other mermaids? Mermaids are an important part of our ecosystem and our ocean life. They rescue sailors, they entertain fish, they provide beauty and mystique for those trapped on desert islands, and they take excellent photos. So, I thought, hey, you know what, every little girl should be a mermaid at least once in her life. So, I started trying to follow some of the hundreds of mermaid photo prop tutorials I found on Pinterest. I didn’t like any of them. They were complicated, they were incomplete, they called for really weird yarn, or they just didn’t look like a mermaid to me. So, I spent some time developing my own. And I feel head over heels in love with this pattern.

The fin is designed to only go to the waist, and the shell top has ties so that it can be easily adjusted for different babies. This, obviously, is a photo prop and infants should NEVER be left unattended while wearing it. The ties can present a choke hazard, and the lack of leg mobility can also cause issues if a newborn decides to magically start walking. This photo prop is sized for newborns, it may fit up to 3 months, but will likely be too short.

I love photo props. I think they make the coolest gifts, because you can so easily re-gift them or hand them down through the generations. Just imagine a family where all of the kids, each cousin, brother, and sister, has the same photo in the same prop? Or generations? Every girl for 10 generations is an adorable mermaid. Even boys can be mermaids, just lose the shell top.

One day, I will have a baby to torture, I mean, dress up and start traditions with. And these photo props are going to be a key element in all of this.







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