The Littlest Princess

Anyone that knows me, knows my heart belongs to a little girl who lives entirely too far away from me. I was there for her parents first date, I was there when her dad came up with his incredible proposal, I was devastatingly not there when they were married, as my command would not grant me leave because prototype sucks, but I was there the day this beautiful little girl was born. I remember her poor momma, she just would not go into labor. It was awful. She was miserable…and when she finally did, well, that isn’t my story to tell, but suffice to say that it was a very long, painful, scary night for everyone involved. But, there is no doubt in my mind that her mom is 150% positive that this little girl was worth every second of it.

I have mostly watched her grow up in photos. I was stationed in Japan when she was born and was there until she was 2. Now she is 4, and even though I am back in the US, they have moved in support of her dad’s ministry, and are further from me than I ever wanted. So, phone calls, photographs, facebook, and an annual visit is what keeps me going when it comes to this little lady. I sent her a book one year for Christmas, it was a recordable book and has me reading a Christmas story to her. She has always recognized my voice, and I am sure that is why.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for this girl. So, when her super special 4th birthday was coming up, I knew I had to make her feel wonderful. So, I had a great idea, she was taking a ballet class and in love with it. So, I figured that what she needed, and would probably love, would be a cute new outfit for dance classes. So, her momma took some measurements for me, we talked about colors, and I made her a full tutu dress. A skirt was not nearly enough for me. 🙂

Her momma is always amazing enough to send me photos of her opening gifts, and wearing them or playing with them. And that thrills me so much. Not only do I love seeing pictures of my fantastic niece, but it is always really neat to see photos of people, especially kids, enjoying the stuff I make.



I have one dress listed, a few skirts ready to be listed, and I always am open for custom orders, in case you are interested in a dress yourself. 🙂


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