March Wrap Up

(Goal 1) – 5 sales this month.

Met! 5 sales in 4 weeks!

(Goal 2) – 65 items by the end of March.

Not Met. I am actually down from 60 to 57. I let a few listings that I just didn’t care for expire. However, I know have photographs to edit and the ability to edit them, so these listings should be completed soon.

(Goal 3) – 45 items ready to ship.

Met. I have 51 items ready to ship, this is spread out through 43 separate listings, but physically, I do have these and they are listed. I actually have close to 80 items ready to ship, but they are not all listed.

(Goal 4) – Apply for fair in August.

Not met. I have no had the funds to apply for any fairs.

(Goal 5) – Complete top secret project for upcoming craft fair.

Not met. I have made some progress, but it is not done. 😦

(Goal 6) – Work on promotion outside of Etsy, goal of

-175 followers on instagram

193, met!

– 125 fans on facebook

164, met!

– 125 followers on twitter

124, not met. I am finding that twitter is really sort of awful for gaining followers…each day I can gain ten new ones, but watch my overall number not change…or go down!

All in all, I didn’t do too terribly for March. I definitely slacked some. I think that with the new pets, babies really, and having Haley so much this month, things were just…stressful. Abundantly stressful. But, I stuck to my schedule, only having to swap one day around…and so far, April is on track to stick to that schedule as well. 🙂


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