Mid-March Update

Since I can’t get to my photos to give you a great update with pictures and everything…here is a mid-month goal update.


(Goal 1) – 5 sales this month.

I am doing well so far. 3 sales in 2 weeks. I need 2 more before the end of the month. You can help with this…spread the word! Share your favorite item!

(Goal 2) – 65 items by the end of March.

Ugh!!!! So, on Saturday, Chris and I spent about 2 hours taking AWESOME new product photos. I used my super cool lightbox. I had the best background for my mannequin and my blankets. Pretty flowers and gorgeous houses softly focused in the background…great lighting…good, up close photos showing texture and design…and then I made the mistake of updating my mac…and apparently there is a known problem with the update that is causing some computers to no longer work…so we have to delete and reinstall an entire new OS…which we have done 3 times…and it still doesn’t work…so now I have to take it to the Genius Bar to hope they can fix it…if not, I am going to throw a temper tantrum with Apple until they replace it…this is ridiculous. Their update broke my computer! So, once it is fixed, I can re-download photoshop, upload the photos, and start the editing process…I am currently writing up draft listings…but yea…this goal may not be met. So angry!!

(Goal 3) – 45 items ready to ship.

Physically, I have these items. I just can’t get them listed. Ugh!!!!

(Goal 4) – Apply for fair in August.

Umm…I can’t remember what fair this was…but I found a few others I will apply for once I get my computer back up and running.

(Goal 5) – Complete top secret project for upcoming craft fair.

Not going to be met…it will have some good progress, but life has been too crazy to make new items and finish this…and having inventory is more important at the moment.

(Goal 6) – Work on promotion outside of Etsy, goal of

-175 followers on instagram

171, so close!

– 125 fans on facebook

138 fans! Met! Yay!

– 125 followers on twitter

120, so close!!

So, things are going…trucking along. I have made 2 new sets of weights, a new baby jack, a new baby blanket (and am almost done with a second), a new elephant, and 2 new beagles. So at least inventory is going well.


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