Is It You Tink?

If you haven’t realized it by now, my family has a real passion for Disney and Disneyland. So, our minds almost immediately go to Disney, almost anytime we see something. I started making this green tutu dress for St Patricks Day. I figured green, sparkly, cute little leprechaun princess, right? Well, the very moment that I finished it and held it up, my 9 year old daughter looks at it and goes, “Oh!! It’s a Tinkerbell costume!” It hadn’t even occurred to me. I actually added the shoulder straps to make it look less like Tink, as that was not my goal. But, it turned out fabulous, and I do love it, especially as a Tink costume.

These dresses are actually really, really easy to work up. I made a super stretchy top, about 8in long, using a HDC and alternating between FLO and BLO in order to keep it super stretchy, and on the very bottom two (or three or four, or however many layers you plan on using tulle in) use a double crochet! Do NOT try to pull tulle through a HDC or SC…I know…because I screwed that up with this and it sucked. A lot. All of the other ones I made, I made sure to figure out how many layers I wanted first and then use a DC on that many bottom rows (or rounds, depending on how you work it).

Once I get my photos edited and up, I will be posting a big, long tutorial on how to make these skirts and dresses. But, for now, that is my two cents on how to not want to kill yourself at the end of one of these guys.

Oh! And Hobby Lobby has tulle on sale for 50% at least one week a month…it was all last week, and if I remember correctly, it should be every other week (everything else is), so it should be 50% off next week. And tulle is EXPENSIVE…because you need a lot…so buy it at 50%. It is worth the wait…seriously…This dress used like 5 or 6 rolls of tulle.







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