Akai, Missy, and Clyve

Chris and I did something completely ridiculous on Wednesday night. We went to go look at a litter of Nigerian dwarf goats, and we came home with a 6 week old bottle baby. We named him Clyve. We should have named him Jaws. Apparently, my fingers are delicious. The litter was 6 goats, and the farm got them on Tuesday…when we got there Wednesday afternoon, all the goats were sold except for Clyve. And man was that sad, because as awesome as Clyve is, we really wanted to get two. They need “litter-mates” to play with. Plus, there was this 2 week old brown and black one that was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Clyve and the dogs don’t quite seem to know what to make of each other. Akai, our shiba (24lbs), is ecstatic. He has a friend. He wants to play, desperately. Clyve (12lbs) is afraid and runs away, or headbutts him every time he gets near him. Missy, our mastiff (140lbs) is terrified of Clyve. She has no idea what on earth this little thing is and is desperately afraid of him. He has learned this and is very amused. Every time Missy comes near him, he stomps a hoof at her and she bolts. I feel bad for her, but it is just too funny to watch this giant dog run away from a goat baby.

We have also learned that my mastiff enjoys eating goat poop. This is not a great thing and we are trying to break her of it, so, if anyone has any ideas for that…I would much appreciate it. Her breath is quite foul.

We will go back in a week or so to pick out another kid after the pregnant pygmy goat has her litter. That one will stay with the breeders until it is about 6 weeks old, and then it will come home with us too. We just can’t do 4 bottle feedings a day, and Clyve is only on 2, which is no problem at all.

My house is noisy, messy, stinky, and so much fun. Though Clyve does keep trying to eat my yarn…so all projects are definitely being washed before being stored upstairs. But, my house is full of love and happiness and is closer to being complete.


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