Maintaining A Schedule

I am really quite proud of myself. I am sticking to my schedule quite well. And to stick to any sort of schedule for a week is impressive for me. I am hoping I can see this through. The struggle is real though. I truly think I have crochet ADD. I am dying mid project, every single time. There is just so much that I want to make. There are so many yarns I want to try. So many designs in my mind. So many elaborate blankets that I want to spend the next 6 months working on. This, however, is not conducive to getting the shop really out there. So, once this fair is done in early May, I will go back to my Sundays being my crochet days, to work on presents, personal projects, wedding projects, and whatever else suits my fancy.

The Etsy orders days haven’t been a total waste, even without the orders. I do have a few custom requests that aren’t needed until May that I am working on, so that I will not be rushed come May. I am also using those days to work on my super secret craft fair project that I will share once it is fully completed. It is also a time for me to put the finishing touches on whatever project was the day before, like adding eyes to an elephant, or pupils to a sock monkey rug. Though, I am definitely missing the cha-ching that makes my heart flutter and gets me all busy.

I am looking for ideas for photo props and costumes for Halloween. My candy corn costume did so well last year, I would love to have more options than that. I also plan on having quite a few of those costumes readily available this year, instead of just made to order. What type of stuff would you guys like to see?

I feel like I am rambling tonight. Maybe it is because it is 5:30am and I am just finishing up a long shift of doing basically nothing. Hopefully some of my rambles made sense and maybe you got something out of this. Though most likely, you have stopped reading by now…but if you haven’t…thanks. 🙂


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