I Have Yarn Problems

I have serious yarn problems. So, while getting ready to really kick into gear the business, I decided that the best thing I could was see if I could find some inexpensive yarn to invest in. So, to EBay I went….and on EBay I scored…big time. A lady was destashing…she had listings up that totaled 111 skeins of yarn, almost all full skeins, and at least 6 one-pound skeins, that costs me a total of $66, including the shipping. When I got these skeins, some of it was crap acrylic, cheap, vintage, $0.99 yarn from the 1970s. But, besides the 6 or 7 skeins of Caron One Pound / Lion Brand Pound of Love / Red Heart Super Saver 16oz (all of which are $5-8 a skein), there were some really nice yarns in there. Well, the next day, I was looking for something very specific on Lion Brands website…and then I found the clearance section…and I bought approximately 200 skeins of LB yarn, all sorts of it, baby Soft, Merino Cashmere, Wool Ease, all sorts of stuff, for about $110…which is incredible…really incredible. The sale was amazing, everything was 75-90% off. You can’t pass that up. Well, about two weeks later, I got a custom order, for a California King Bedspread…and, I ordered the yarn…so I received 55 skeins of LB Wool Ease in this off-white…only to have her cancel the next day. She had received the blanket she wanted as a gift that morning. Ugh…so now I have even more yarn. Oh, and there is still the stuff I need to go to Hobby Lobby for, for the very specific orders since a lot of my acrylics came from the EBay lot and the colors were just so random…

This depicts what is left of my stash of pompadour yarn from Red Heart. This yarn is now discontinued. It traveled with me to Japan and back. I bought all of this yarn in March 2011. I bought approximately 70 skeins. I have approximately 30 left.

This bag is full of half finished projects. Stuff I am working on for the wedding, stuffed animals I started and lost interest in, that sort of thing.

This bottom tub is all of my wool yarn that is left…and please remember I have about 30 skeins already invested in scarves and hats that are ready to ship.

My baby soft yarn…mostly acrylic, some polyester and wool.

My cotton yarn…I have no idea what I am going to do with any of this…it really isn’t soft at all…

The box is full of the wool ease for that custom order that got canceled. I still plan on making a Cal king blanket out of it…

The red tub is full of super soft acrylic yarns, good for baby booties, stuffed animals, some of it is good for clothes or tutu tops. Great for photoprops.

The cheaper acrylics. They are soft, but I wouldn’t make clothes out of them…probably just stuffed animals.

On the left is my super soft Japanese yarn that is left…on the right is my cashmere yarn…

More random yarns, including sparkly ones, super thick rope type yarns, scraps, and my whey yarn…which is amazing.

Oh…and in the top of my closet is my “frog” pile…about 10 or 15 partially completed blankets that I don’t have the yarn to finish…so they need to be taken apart….

I have serious problems….this is why we moved…because I needed a yarn room….


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