Dave the Starfish

I am well aware that not many of you truly know what I look like. Sure, you have seen the photo of me in costume, maybe of me at the ball, maybe even the one of me in a t-shirt crocheting at Disneyland. However, what those photos do not show is my other passion and love in life, besides crochet. While I would not say I am heavily tattooed, I do have several…and some of them are quite large. My current, in progress (which is why I need you to buy my stuff…so I can afford more ink! ;-D) piece is all nautical. It is basically an aquarium chest piece. I have 3 creatures done, and elaborate plans for the rest. There is a turtle in the center, with a purple starfish and a yellow seahorse above him.

I have always, always loved the ocean. Maybe it has something to do with living in Las Vegas for 10 years. But, the happiest moment for me every single day for 4 years on my ship was when I would walk down from berthing to go to my office and see the beautiful, crisp, powerful ocean as I walked by the oceanview gym sponson. I love the smell, the look, the everything about the ocean. Actually, the second tattoo I ever got was a dolphin.

So, when I took my fiancée and his girls to Connecticut to meet my younger siblings, father, and step-mother this last July, I was so excited to be staying at Naval Base New London…and visiting my dad on their houseboat. More time at the ocean. More time in the water…more time to be able to connect with nature. Yes, I live in Southern California…but going to the beach surrounded by people and craziness is not the same. I loved living in Southern Orange County…right on the ocean…right next to Camp Pendleton. It is the one thing I miss more than anything since our move to Riverside County. I miss seeing the ocean nearly every day. One day, we will have the money to buy a house in San Clemente…that is the goal.

Anyway, back to my story. So, we were visiting my dad in Connecticut, and while waiting for my girls to get ready and all that jazz, I sat down with some orange yarn and just started going…I actually had no idea what I was going to make until it was almost too late to start shaping him. I looked down at the fairly new starfish tattoo on my chest and realized that it was perfect. And a starfish he became.

We named him Dave…mostly because that is what my younger girl named the starfish tattoo. Yes, I name all of my tattoos…and every stuffed animal that I make. It makes them feel real, important to me.

So, let me introduce you to Dave the Starfish. He is the most cuddly sea creature you could imagine. 🙂

Dave the Starfish Starfish Amigurumi


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