Valentine’s Day Fun

So, while this is a little past Valentine’s Day, it is still a great, fun, awesome project to keep your kid busy. I was rooting around, looking for something to do for my daughter’s school (and my coworkers, and Chris’ coworkers!) for Valentine’s Day. There are so many projects out there. Pinterest is an absolute lifesaver, actually, when it comes to arts and crafts projects.

My one big problem, was that all of these Valentine’s Day projects involved paint, or glitter, or were SO young and juvenile. My daughter is 9. She needed something cute, but that took a little bit of skill and hard work.

Then, Stacey from Puppet Pie, came to the rescue. Her Cannibal Heart Valentines Puppet Tutorial was a lifesaver. Seriously. This project is so, so, so easy, quick, and cheap! My daughter and I made approximately 100 of these little puppets. I think supplies cost us about $30, and that is just because we over-estimated and bought too much of everything…and had to buy scissors, because I only have fabric and meat scissors…because someone broke the household scissors…so, now my daughter has craft scissors, and so do I! Anyway….

We spent about 4 hours on Sunday making these, all while watching The Wonder Years on marathon. We were worried the glue wouldn’t hold, it didn’t seem to be…but once everything totally dried, it worked like a charm. And, everyone ADORED these puppets. Seriously, people at work were so happy and excited, and I am pretty sure that Chris gained a few girlfriends from them.

Please ignore the solarcane on the table…my genius better half spent the entire day before out in the garden and yard…and didn’t believe me when I said he probably needed sunblock…so yea…ignore the general disaster that the house is…I live in very well organized chaos. Instead, focus on how bloody adorable these puppets are!

Valentine's Day

Valentine Puppets

Puppet Pie Tutorial

Heart Puppets

Cannibal Hearts


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