February Progress Report

February has been a pretty decent month for the shop. I either met, or came very close to meeting all of my goals for Febraury.

(Goal 1) – One sale a week.                                 Met! 4 sales total for February!

(Goal 2) – List one new item every day.                Not met, listed 20/28 items. But, I am not sweating this too much as I had quite some down time due to being sick.

(Goal 3) – Review and revise one listing.              That should have said one listing a week. Met! Revised 11 old listings.

(Goal 4) – Create two new items each week.         Met! I created 9 new items, with 2 more in progress!

(Goal 5) – Photograph 5 new items each week.     Sort of met. I did photograph new items, and approximately 30, but not 5 each week.

(Goal 6) – Edit all new photos each week.             Not met. I have only edited about 20/30 photographs.


As far as my annual goals, I am still on track for most of those.

(Goal 1) – One sale a week, for 52 in the year.         Behind, but it should get made up close to Halloween. I am at 5 sales for the 8 weeks so far this year.

(Goal 2) – 50 items by the end of February.               Met! I am currently at 60 items in the shop!

(Goal 3) – Increase ready to ship inventory.               On track! 38 of 60 listings are ready to ship!

(Goal 4) – Attend 5 craft fairs                                      Behind. I am only attending 1 fair in May. However, I am looking at one for August and then plan on doing several shows during the holiday season.

I am excited to see the progress in the shop. It is really nice to feel like you are accomplishing something. 🙂


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