A few weeks ago, while browsing my front page on Etsy, which had actually never done anything right by me, I found an amazing find. I happened to find a friendly, soft, adorable little baby doll. Only, it was a zombie. I am dead serious. A zombie baby. I know what you are thinking, how on earth could a zombie baby be adorable. But it is. I had to get one for my daughter. (And really, I just want one for myself!)


So, I went through the amazing simple task of ordering a custom zombeiz baby. Melli, the woman who designs and crafts these dolls, was amazing to work with. She wrote back immediately with clarification questions, ideas, suggestions to make the doll really stand out. She advised me that it would be about a week before my baby was completed, but it would be well worth it.

Well, she got this doll out in a couple days, 3 I believe, and it showed up at my house in all of it’s adorableness. I opened up the box and was astounded as to how large this doll was! It was the size of a real baby! 24in head to toe, and the girth was about accurate for a real baby too. The baby came with a  certificate of adoption, listing her name (Kooky Kate) and all sorts of specifics about her. Additionally, there was a care doctrine, explaining the best way to clean her, her favorite foods, and the proper way to hold her to prevent brain damage. 🙂 There could be no better baby doll for my girly-girly-tomboy. The stitching was so well done, the quality was amazing. I felt like I had cheater the seller because this doll could not be this amazing.

When Haley got home from her mom’s house on Friday, Chris and I surprised her with this doll. She instantly fell in love. The tutu was perfect, the pacifier was so cute, the diaper was adorable. Haley freaked out because there was an awesome stitch on her butt, and on her hand. She begged us to bring Kooky Kate with us to Home Depot and dinner. Kooky Kate actually spent the entire weekend with us. She went shopping, went out to eat, had her own seat in the car, went to Costco, helped us garden. She has been tossed up and down and hugged and kissed, and even licked by a couple dogs. She makes for a fantastic pillow, and a great conversation starter in the waiting room.

I am not sure I could have possibly made a better purchase for my daughter. I am so thankful to have found Zombeiz, and I do plan on buying Kooky Kate a friend when money is a little more readily available, though the price is AMAZING for what you are getting in this doll.





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