February Goals

By the way, this feature image makes me so happy. It is one of my favorite memes of all time.

A friend of mine on Etsy has given me a really good business plan, of breaking down your goals even further from an annual goal to a monthly goal. So, for February, my goals are as follows:

List one new item every day.

Review and revise one listing.

Create two new items each week.

Photograph 5 new items each week.

Edit all new photos each week.

Now, these goals only work because I have such a myriad of new items to photograph and list. Next month, these goals will not work. Now, creating two new items each week is harder than it sounds, because I do work a full time job Monday through Friday, so I am limited on my creating time to after work and on the weekend. And I do not like to work Sundays, it is family and Disney time.

So far, I am doing well with the goals…now to just stay on track.

My super secret new item is working up nicely. I should have it done before the weekend, and cannot wait to show everyone! I am even writing up the pattern for it. πŸ™‚


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