Sorry all you people with the snow…

Sorry for all of you people out there snowed in and the like, but I actually got a slight sunburn this weekend. I was a little excited about the 75F sunshiney beautifulness that was my weekend. On Sunday, I spent about 2 hours in the morning playing with my awesome new lightbox, taking product photos. Unfortunately, my mannequin body does not fit in there, so the mannequin photos are still just up against a wall, but we at least had the common sense to put up some sheets first. So the background is consistent and not hideously ugly. But yes, this lightbox is the greatest purchase I have ever made. It helped so much, the colors on my products are actually showing as the actual color! No more off yellow or blue instead of purple. Things look vibrant and fun! And I think it helped a lot.

I have been listing like crazy the last couple days, and will continue through the next two weeks. I am trying to get back on track for my 2015 goals. So, after this week, back to photographing and editing on Saturdays. I will still continue to write up draft listings the weekend in advance and then just chuck in photos after they are edited. This allows me to keep listing new products each day, or at least a few days a week. I would rather not have 35 items expire on the same day. I am also trying to do better with listing only ready made items. The made to order items can be such a headache. I will keep the more popular ones around, but I am thinking that for most of the items, like scarves and such, once it sells, it sells, and I will not relist it as made to order, unless I actually get more of that yarn in. It is too big of a pain in the butt to try to remember the hook size, the measurements, exactly what I did to replicate something unless it came from a pattern or I wrote down the pattern.


9 8


Revamped this listing. Both these yellow and neon pink ones are ready to ship, by the way!

6 Elephant Butts

Revamped this listing. Both of these guys are ready to ship.

4 3

Added the green, brown, charcoal, and maroon scarf listings.

2 1

Speaking of patterns I write!!! I am working on something top secret right now. I CANNOT wait to share it once I am finished!!


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