I Don’t Need No Stinkin Resolutions

I have, for a long time, not believed in resolutions. Most people that I have encountered in life, have a whole slew of them. They resolve to work out, to eat healthy, to stop biting their nails, to get a new job, to grow their business, to be nicer. All of those things are fantastic ideas, but I have two major issues with them, why wait until the new year to start looking at what it is that you need to change or improve on? Why does it have to coincide with the new year? I don’t understand the mentality of new year, new me. Why do you have to change each year, and if it is so needed, why didn’t you do it before? I understand that New Years is a time where people reflect on themselves, reflect on the last year and try to determine how they can improve the next year…and that sort of brings me to my other issue. So many people have so many great resolutions, with absolutely no plan on how to accomplish them. They truly believe that since they wrote it down and resolved to do it, they will.
I have a great friend, who has a list of about twenty resolutions. I was looking at it one night, and I started asking him questions about how he was going to accomplish some of these resolutions, he had absolutely no plan whatsoever. A great one was to get a new job and go back to school. It is a perfect resolution, he hates his job and never finished his degree. His passion is music, more than anything, but he had no plan. I asked him what he planned on doing for a new job…he is currently a waiter. He started talking about other restaurants that might be better. I asked him about why he wasn’t looking into a music related field, he had never thought of it. I was dumb founded that someone who loves the guitar and writing songs more than anything had never considered working at Guitar Center or any sort of music related place. He already has the people skills from being a waiter for years and years, why not apply them to something that you are passionate about? People are far more likely to buy a guitar from someone who has a passion for playing than anyone else. Then we started talking about going to school, and I was amazed that someone could resolve to go back to school with no idea on what they want to study. Every major he mentioned, he had no spark, no passion. So I asked him how he planned on finishing this school if he studied another major he didn’t care about. We went through the course catalog together, and amazingly enough, we found a major that he was interested in, that made his eyes light up, that made him excited to take classes.

Resolutions are absolutely nothing without a plan. Without a spark. If you want to lose weight, you have to have a plan that is realistic! You cannot just say, my resolution is to work out every single day and lose 60lbs this year. That is not realistic for someone who hasn’t worked out in 4 years. There is no way to accomplish that resolution. And when you find it is too difficult and you start to skip or cheat, you stop working towards it, and resolutions get forgotten. Start small, with a work out plan that starts with two days a week, then maybe the next month three days a week, then maybe the next month four days a week. Have a plan for the week…cardio one day, physical training the second day. Or cardio both days for a shortened time and then weights one day or legs the second day. Set up a plan that is feasible.

I have some goals for SweetBabyDesi this year.

My goal is to have 50 items in the shop by the end of February, 75 items in the shop by the end of June, and 100 items in the shop by the end of the year. I plan on meeting this by spending the week creating after work, spending Saturdays photographing, editing, and listing the new creations.

My goal is to increase inventory of ready to ship items and craft fair items. I plan on doing this by dedicating the last week of each month to making just items already listed in the shop. I also plan on making 2 every time I have a made to order item sale.

My goal is to attend 5 craft fairs this year. I have applied for two in May, I am waiting to hear back. I plan on looking in the summer for at least one large Christmas show, and I plan on attending two smaller Christmas shows.

I feel like setting small, attainable goals help greatly with actually working towards achieving them. My dream for the shop is a sale a week, really 52 sales this year, with an average of 4 a month, though with all the stress I have been going through in my personal life, my actions are not helping with that. I am trying to get back into the swing of promotion, so that maybe I can help boost sales. I have had one this month so far, so if I can get two sales this week, I will be back on track. But, that is a dream. And I recognize that I may still be too new at this for it is be realistic. All I can do is work on shop goals and see how that directly affects my shop dreams. And that gives me an idea for plans for next year.


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