Sometimes, projects just kick your butt. This is one of them. A buddy of mine at work has this girlfriend who is absolutely obsessed with Minnie Mouse. Well, after I had made a trick or treat bag for my god-daughter, who went as Minnie Mouse this past Halloween, he decided that I was the girl for the Christmas project. So, we spent weeks discussing just what would be perfect for his girlfriend…he wanted to get her a scarf, since she is cold, all the time. And he wanted her to have one of the little tote bags I had made for my god-daughter.

So, off I went, amidst Christmas orders, Christmas presents, and craft show chaos, to try and make a very basic, simple, and obvious Minnie scarf for a lady I have never met…the bag was no problem, that worked up quickly and was easy enough. This scarf, well, now that was a whole different monster.

It started out simply enough, lots of big and little circles. That part wasn’t so bad, and it didn’t take so long. Well, as you have heard me mention in every amigurumi post I have ever made, and will ever make, I hate sewing things together more than anything. You can see the problem here…well, I think it took me approximately 5x the amount of time to sew everything together than it did to make all of the circles! And then, it was fantastic, I was so happy…until I remembered the bows. Those blasted bows…so, more crocheting…more sewing…All in all, it was a project that encompassed about 7 hours, 5 days, and about 147,989,578 curses. I also vowed to never make another one, so of course, it was immediately listed. šŸ™‚

Oh! And the best part! When my friend gave his girlfriend this scarf, the first thing she said was, “oh, I really hate scarves…” Luckily, once he got her to actually pull it out of the purse and look at it, she was ecstatic, thrilled, and mystified, vowing to wear it always.






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