Crochet Crochet Everywhere!

Crochet has become so much more than a hobby for me. It is my form of stress relief, of relaxation. My life is really stressful. On a day to day basis, I have a full time job, a part time job, a fiancée, two dogs that are “young adults” (an 18 month mastiff and 22 month shiba-inu), and two kids part-time (plus two ex-wives!). It can all be really overwhelming. So, my choices in life were really take up drinking or find something else to focus my negative energies on. Well, since I obviously cannot afford to take up drinking, crochet it was. I get this overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment as I see pieces get finished and put together. And even though I am not having an abundance of luck in the sales department , each piece that sales just brings this incredible amount of pleasure to my life. It is like, oh hey, look, I am good at something! People like my work! People appreciate what I do! It is amazing how much something that little can actually mean in your life.

So, crochet is my every free moment thing to do. Just ask my poor fiancée who gets stuck driving everywhere so that I can work on projects…or more embarrassingly, being with me out in public while I am working on something while waiting for a table at a restaurant or waiting in line at Disneyland! I figure, it is that or read, and at least I can have a conversation with him while I crochet. (Though listening to me talk may not be the better option…) I cannot even count the number of scarves and cowls I have made in the car. And of course, there is no watching of the television in our home unless I am in my spot and working on a project.

Though recently I have developed crochet ADD…there is just nothing that I seem to want to work on steadily. I have about 15 projects started and everytime I start back on one I get this FANTASTIC NEW IDEA that I JUST HAVE TO START NOW!! It is really bad…and my living room (and the girls room) is completely filled with yarn and half-finished projects…and fully finished products!

Recently (like…this last Saturday), my younger daughter ran in the Avengers RunDisney Kids 400m Dash. So, of course, this involved about 2 hours of standing around doing absolutely nothing before her 2 minute race. So, it was a great time to work on baby booties! I actually managed to create 2 from start to finish (minus weaving in ends…carrying around tapestry needles is like asking to lose them) and almost finish a third. And later that day, we drove up to LA to see my dad who was in town for a convention, and I managed to create about a third of a lovely…and then frog the entire thing because I just can’t seem to get it to stay even. It is killing me slowly.

Anyway, below is what a loser I looked like at Disney, and how much I was probably embarrassing my daughter. You can always see more insightful photos on my Instagram.

Oh, and a featured appearance by Living Art Gallery and Tattoo Lounge San Clemente. Seriously, if you are in Southern California and are looking for some incredible work, check them out. 🙂 (And no, I am not  a paid affiliate…it is just where my last 4 pieces have been done, and I am so in love with them!)

Traveling Crochet!

Traveling Crochet!


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