The Simple Elephant – My First Amigurumi

So, this little guy , was a major breaking point for me in my crochet life. As explained in my about page, I was in desperate need of a project, and it just so happens that my younger daughter is infatuated with elephants. So, I decided that I needed to make her one for Christmas. It was May, so I had plenty of time to figure it all out. I had never worked with a pattern before, but I had been reading and studying about how to read them. So, I searched this awesome Lion Brand Yarn app for elephants, and man oh man were my options ugly. There was this sort of cute little stuffed animal though, and I thought, hey, they could work. So, I followed this pattern, and it was terrible. The trunk was too long, I couldn’t figure out how to sew on the legs, the ears didn’t match, and I had absolutely no idea what safety eyes were. So, I took it apart, read about 50 more internet posts on making amigurumi, and realized that the concept is the same, all the time. It is a really simple process, and it just clicked. So, I sat down and made my own elephant. I love the trunk pointed up, and it took me about 6 versions of this little guy to figure out how to actually make it point up. I have finally perfected the amigurumi elephant. My daughter absolutely loved it. And it is my second best selling item.





3 thoughts on “The Simple Elephant – My First Amigurumi

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