Yarn Update


Whoot! Two blogs in a month! I am on a roll. Hehe…

Okay, so this blog is more for me than it is for you guys. I am trying to get a good overview of yarn purchased vs yarn crocheted so far this year…so here it is.

Also, something to remember about my yarn crocheted. Because of the move, I haven’t had my boards set up, so from March – present, I have been tracking yarn based on completed projects only. There are so many I have started and not finished that aren’t in the count. Hopefully, I can get my board up here shortly and go back to tracking skein by skein like I was before. ūüôā


Yarn Purchased So Far 2018

23,057 yards
18,141 yards of Paton’s Metallic
3,096 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
1,820 yards of Red Heart Super Saver


Yarn Crocheted So Far 2018

8,508 yards
3,305 yards of Lion Brand Pound of Love
1,760 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
1,227 yards of I Love This Yarn
1,152 Yards of Crafter’s Secret

981 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket
83 yards of Caron One Pound


Well, considering I have already purchased more yarn in August…I am guessing I need to get my but into gear crocheting in order to out-crochet what I purchased. To be fair, almost all of that was purchased in January. Does it even really count? Hahaha. ūüôā


June / July Review



I would like to say that I am going to get better about updating this blog, but I probably won’t. School is absolutely crazy. Work is work, as always. I am also spending a lot of time in the gym trying to reverse some of the damage I have done to my body since I separated from the Navy. Plus, my husband and I are getting ready to enter the world of foster parenting…so things may get even more crazy than they already are. The business is sort of on the back-burner to “real life”. I am trying, and I am still planning on a few festivals a year and trying to innovate new things, but there is a lot going on in my head right now that rank higher than a business that cannot support my family.



Yarn Purchased in June / July

1,820 yards total
1,820 yards of  Red Heart Super Saver


Yarn Crocheted in June / July

3,408 yards total
1,760 yards of Red Heart Super Saver
637 yards of Crafter’s Secret
246 yards of I Love This Yarn
765  yards of Pound of Love


Sales History (June)

  • 2013¬†0 sales for 0 items.
  • 2014¬†0 sale for¬†0 items.
  • 2015¬†12 sales for¬†12 items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue
  • 2016¬†16¬†sales for¬†18 items,¬†an increase in revenue
  • 2017¬†5 sales for¬†5 items,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2018¬†3¬†sales for¬†3¬†items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue


Sales History (July)

  • 2013¬†0 sales for¬†0 items.
  • 2014¬†0 sales for¬†0 items.
  • 2015¬†56 sales for¬†60 items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue
  • 2016¬†5¬†sales for¬†6 items,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2017¬†4 sales for¬†4 items,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2018¬†4¬†sales for¬†4¬†items,¬†an increase in revenue

March / April / May Review



Whew, would you look at the time? It has been a whirlwind couple of months and I am having a hard time digesting that we are halfway through June.

March consisted of packing to move, school, and work. That was pretty much it.

April consisted of moving, cleaning the old house, a short vacation for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival, and school.

May consisted of trying to get unpacked (and failing epically), school, resource family training, and trying to figure out where my year had gone.


The shop was closed for half of March, all of April, and a week or so of May. So, I would say that affected sales. J But, things are already looking up this month, and I am excited about a few new projects. I am starting to actually get my house unpacked and ready to be lived in. I am done with my mandated training. I am still taking way too many credits at school and working full time, but at least things in my home are looking up. I have been able to find a little time each weekend to crochet. So far the focus has been on birthday gifts for niece and nephew, but pretty soon it will be ramping up for Halloween and then Christmas gifts for the kiddos!


On the plus side, with having no time, I also haven’t gone yarn shopping! This means I have actually crocheted more than I purchased each month! Yay!



Yarn Purchased in March / April / May

0 yards total 


Yarn Crocheted in March / April / May

2,670 yards total
110 yards of Bernat Blanket Yarn
444 yards of  Crafter’s Secret
504 yards of I Love This Yarn
1612  yards of Pound of Love


Sales History (March)

  • 2013 not open yet
  • 2014¬†1 sale for¬†1 item.
  • 2015¬†5¬†sales for¬†5 items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue
  • 2016¬†12¬†sales for¬†18 items,¬†an increase in revenue
  • 2017¬†4 sales for¬†4 items,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2018 3¬†sales for¬†3¬†items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue


Sales History (April)

  • 2013 not open yet
  • 2014¬†0 sales for¬†0 items.
  • 2015¬†11¬†sales for¬†12 items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue
  • 2016¬†11¬†sales for¬†11 items,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2017¬†3 sales for¬†3 items,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2018 0¬†sales for¬†0¬†items,¬†a¬†decrease in revenue


Sales History (May)

  • 2013 0 sales for 0 items.
  • 2014¬†0 sales for 0 items.
  • 2015¬†17¬†sales for¬†22 items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue (Soka University Festival, crappy location)
  • 2016¬†23¬†sales for¬†26 items,¬†an increase in revenue (Soka University Festival, good location)
  • 2017¬†5 sales for¬†5 items,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2018 14¬†sales for¬†17¬†item,¬†an increase in revenue (Patchwork Santa Ana Festival)

Unicorn Parties are Life

Last month I displayed my macro-amigurumi horse and unicorn that I had made. The horse went to my former boss’ daughter. The unicorn was a 7th birthday gift for my favorite princess. Who, by the way, has the coolest parents ever. They threw her an incredible unicorn party, complete with a real life unicorn named Sparkles!
Momma made fantastic cupcakes with sparkles hidden in the center.
Daddy served unicorn pee to drink (apple juice).
I mean, what more could you want?!

My husband was the only good sport of the men. He wore his unicorn horn very proudly!

And this little princess totally flipped when she stepped outside and Sparkles was waiting for her!

This really great company in Las Vegas, Pony Party Time,¬†has a ranch with ponies that can be ridden, unicorns that are just for petting, and donkeys that are the unicorn’s bodyguards. (Their names were Strawberry and Margarita!!)

It was raining a tiny little bit in Vegas that weekend, so Sparkles was making some great faces each time she shook. She also chucked flowers everywhere! But she loved the pets and attention.

Then, the ultimate happened when baby Sparkles got to meet grown-up Sparkles!

I think it is safe to assume that my niece loved her gift, and that giant unicorns are always a hit. ūüôā (Most of the adults also loved baby Sparkles!)


February Review



February was about on par for what I expect from February. It was very, very slow.

Of course, just because sales were slow doesn’t mean life was! We are still in the process of buying a home, I am taking 18 credit hours, I am still working full time, and we just began the process of becoming approved for foster / adoption. So, slow worked this month because I definitely didn’t have time for insane.

I worked on a couple of gifts and that is really all I did this month. The shop is at an interesting state right now. Most of my listings are getting ready to expire, so I am at an junction and am deciding which road to take.
Part of me wants to let the listings expire and leave them that way until I have time to properly photograph and re-write the descriptions for each item. But man does that seem like a long time. And I definitely can’t sell things that aren’t list. So, it is something I am still thinking about, and I really don’t know which way I am leaning just yet.



Yarn Purchased in February

0 yards total 


Yarn Crocheted in February

995 yards total
124 yards of I Love This Yarn
871 yards of Bernat Baby Blanket


Sales History

  • 2013 not open yet
  • 2014¬†1 sale for¬†1 item.
  • 2015¬†4¬†sales for¬†4 items,¬†an¬†increase in revenue (Soka University Festival, crappy location)
  • 2016¬†24¬†sales for¬†24 items,¬†an increase in revenue (Soka University Festival, good location)
  • 2017¬†1 sale for¬†1 item,¬†a decrease in revenue
  • 2018 1¬†sale for¬†1¬†item,¬†a¬†decrease in revenue

Supersize That Horsie

Right now, micro-amigurumi is a huge thing. People make these ridiculously small amigurumi collectables. They are gorgeous and just ooze talent. However, my fingers are not capable of that, nor my eyesight nor patience. So, I tend to go a different route. First there was Cutie Pie, then a few middle sized elephants. Well, while trying to think of gifts for my wonderful niece for her birthday, I decided to try super-sizing the horse pattern I use.

The only changes I made were to use an N hook and bernat blanket yarn (vice a G hook and a worsted weight yarn). I made this gorgeous blue horse, who was lovingly named Precious, and then I decided to do the full pattern and make a unicorn.  Oh, and I also added safety eyes, instead of crocheting the eyes!

My niece is turning 7 next month, and she is having a fabulous unicorn party. So, an oversized unicorn seemed to fit the bill.

The key to these horses is to ensure the legs are SUPER stuffed. This will allow the horse to actually stand. But, if you are looking for a softer, more squishy friend, that is a great plan too, just realize it will be too heavy to stand on it’s own.

Anyway, one baby went to her new home and is loved. The other baby will be going shortly, and I am super excited for it!

And these are my hot new requests from all the fabulous kids (and a few adults) in my life.


Frozen Snowflake Blanket – Free Pattern Review

I tried to queue this up to post at my normal 2pm time, but I couldn’t get wordpress to log me in! It kept telling me the password was wrong, so, I go ahead and change it…only to be told I can’t change it to what I want because that password was “recently used.” Ugh. Anyway, back up and running now!


This project was both the bane of my existence and a glorious success that I love. I despise granny squares. I hate weaving in ends. I hate sewing them together. It is so pretty, but I hate all the effort that must go into them. But, when my friend took on a new foster daughter right before both her 3rd birthday and Christmas, I knew it had to happen. This little girl happens to be Frozen obsessed and the lovely Sarah of RepeatCrafterMe caters to Disney loving babes.

So, following her super simple snowflake granny square pattern, I was able to put together this amazing blanket in just over a week. Now, I imagine those with more than an hour or so a day to dedicate to crocheting could do this faster, but hey, I am a busy lady over here.

I made 49 squares, and the full picture is it lying on the center of my king sized bed. I joined with a single crochet through just one loop for each square, so that the white made a nice ribbing on the front, and a lightly visible connection on the back (see last photo).¬†I used my standard J hook, and worsted weight yarn, more specifically, Lion Brand’s I Love This Yarn.

Sarah, again, knocked it out of the park with this pattern. It is really easy to follow, the squares work up quickly, and the snowflakes would be awesome stand-alone as decorations too!